dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Fashion Star: Showstoppers (S2E1)

Dear Fashion-Lovers,

Today is finally the day, that i’m going to give you all a recap, of what happened last Friday night on Fashion Star. And I apologize cause I know that I should’ve posted this way earlier but I was a little busy this weekend, studying for exams that I have this week and that’s why I couldn't post this befor. But anyways, here comes the boom.

Fashion Star was amazing, and also a bit different from season 1.
Earlier in the week, the mentors  (Jessica Simpson, John Varvatos, Nicole Richie) made the announcement that things were going to be a little bit different this season. All the mentors had to handpick their teams, which consisted out of four desigers, to coach through the weekly challanges.

Here are the teams:

Team Nicole Richie:              
~ Priscilla Barrosso
~ Bret Young
~ Johana Hernandez
~ Daniel Silverstein

Team Jessica Simpson:         
~ Hunter Bell
~ Tori Nichel
~  David Appel
~ JesseRay and Garrett Gerson (who are the only duo in this season)

~ Amber Perley
~ Cassandra Hobbins
~ Silvia Arguello
~ Brandon Scott

The mentors sat down with their teams for the first time to meet their designers, and the competitive spirit quickly kicks in.
Team John was First the hit the runway and John was thrilled with the designs.
The designers from Team John who made sale were:
~ Amber Perley, she made all the buyers put up an offer, but finally Express won.
~ Sylvia Arguello, she got a bid from Saks Fifth Avenue
~ Brandon Scott, his twofer hoodie got a bid from Macy’s
The designer from Team John who didn't got any bid was Cassandra Hobbins.

Team Nicole was second to hit the runway and Nicole was as mentor very pleased.
The designers from Team Nicole who made a sale were:
~ Daniel Silverstein, he got a bit from Saks Fifth Avenue
~ Priscilla Barrosso, her fabulous romper got a bit from Macy’s
~ Johana Hernandez, she got a bid from both Macy’s and Express
The designer from Team Nicole who didn't got bid was Bret Young

Team Jessica was the last team the hit the runway.
The only designer who made sale in this team was Hunter Bell. All the buyers bid on her design but finally Saks Fifth Avenue welcomed Hunter Bell in their family.
The designers from Team Jessica who didn't got any bid were:
Tori Nichel, David Appel & JesseRay and Garrett Gerson .

My top 3 favorite designers were:
~ Amber Perley
~ Priscilla Barrosso
~ Hunter Bell

Unfortunately Bret Young from Team Nicole was eliminated and the only duo in the competition JesseRay and Garrett Gerson  from Team Jessica was saved by the buyers.

Also I have to add that even thou I missed Elle Macpherson, I thought that Louise Roe looked absolutely stunning and she did an amazing job.
I also loved Nicole Richie's hair, cause I  thought it was absolutely stunning.
Jessica Simpson & John Varvatos looked good as always.

So that was pretty much it, and I’m anxious to see what the designers are going to come up with this week. Also don't forget to tune in this friday @8/7 on NBC to watch Fashion Star.

Much love, DreamAngelll97

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